Importance Of Leisure Essay

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The Importance Of Leisure Time Essay

The Importance of Leisure Time
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Leisure is defined as freedom from the demands of work or duty. Everybody
needs leisure in their lives, to balance the stress of work and life. Leisure helps
re-energize and relax people, so they can perform activities well in their lives. People
use their free time (leisure time) in a variety of different ways; engaging in outdoor
activities, entertainment like watching movies or television, or just having time to
themselves.. Another activity people enjoy doing is just socializing with family and
friends. Leisure is an essential part of our lives, and the only problem with leisure is
when can we enjoy it? In our society we have a hard time finding time to relax and take
a break from our stressful lives.
The amount of leisure time a person has can be related to the type of person that
certain individual is. There are many factors in which you can take in account: age,
marital status, gender, families, etc. These factors figure into the certain stage of a
persons life. There are three stages, beginning, mid-career, and near-retirement. The
beginning stage involves people from the ages ranging from 19-30 years old. These
individuals are just beginning their careers and are striving to be successful. They spend
more time focusing on their job, trying to find ways to advance, and less time relaxing
and enjoying leisure time. They compensate their leisure time for their careers.
Mid-career stage includes individuals ranging from 30-50 years old. In this stage people
have been in their field for some years and are settled down with families. In this time of
their lives they will be looking for more leisure time, because they are going to want time
away from work and time to be with their families. They basically know what their
status is at their job and now find time to slow down and start focusing on other aspects
in their lives. They might do this by cutting back on the hours they work a week. The
near-retirement stage are individuals ranging from the ages of 50 and up. These people
are on the verge of retirement and are planning what to do with the rest of their lives.
After their careers are over they are going to have nothing but time on they hands. At this
point of there careers they are working lesser hours and responsibility at their job is
decreasing. This helps make the transition from working to retirement much easier.
I made a survey and issued it to three people who fall into the three stages. The
survey consisted of a variety of question like age, gender, occupation, wages, leisure
time, and activities. The first individual who took the survey fell into the beginning stage.
This person is a twenty one year old black male. He is a full time student at Illinois State
and workers part time as a life guard at a indoor pool. He is not married and has no
children. He works twenty plus hours a week and only makes $6.30 a hour. He...

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TOPIC: Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time. Discuss.

Leisure time is much important for all humans, because every one need to release their stress of work and everyday life. Personally, I am using my free time for relaxing and listening music, because I am a job holder and I need to have keep my limbs freely and I need refresh my mind, but leisure time can be used for various reasons.

Some people like to have their free time by watching movies, reading or brows internet. These types of activities may be help to release their stress and they can refresh their mind. I have an experience about this situation, when I was studying my degree course, I liked to spend my free time for playing basket ball and cricket, because I need to keep my physical fitness in good condition.

Job is another factor, which also effect our leisure time. Software Engineer, for example, he has been spending his work until complete of his target or software. Hence, he wants to siting in front of his computer and need to program his software and he needs to directly face to computer screen log time. Then, end of the working day he would like to have relax in a comfortable chair.

Working place also may effect our leisure time. People, who work in indoors, they like to have their leisure time in outdoors also reverse same for the outdoor workers. I am job holder in a university and all the time I am working in my room, so I like to visit beautiful places and stay with listening music.

Person condition also depend on their free time activities. Pregnant mothers, patients they like to have rest during the free times. Elderly people, who like to read books, listening radio, watch television etc.,

In conclusion, people would like to spend their leisure time by choosing best for them. This is depending on their work, job, condition etc,. In my opinion is, it needs to be helped to our future success.

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Leisure time is important for all humans, because everyone needs to...

...and listening to music, because I am...

Capitalize Internet. It's a proper noun.

I have an experience to illustrate this truth. When I was studying in my degree course, I liked to spend my free time for playing basketball and cricket, because I needed to keep my physical fitness.

One's job is another factor which can affect leisure time.

A software engineer, for example, has been working until the completion of his target or software.

Hence, he wants to sit in front of his computer and directly face the screen for a long time.

A person's health condition also determines their free time activities.



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