Mrs Morin Honors Biology Assignments

Mrs. Dhaibar


Courses: Honors & Regular Biology

Extra Curricular Activities: Class of 2018 Advisor, Cross Country, Winter & Spring Track Assistant Coach


Office Hours/Extra Help & Study Group:

(By appointment) 

7:15-7:45am daily

Cafeteria days 1,2, & 4 or IMC day 3

Students can come to eat lunch and study with their classmates.  Review questions are posted for students to work on together. (Day 1, first half of lunch -- Room 209)


FYI:  Extra help is offered by the National Honors Society every morning beginning at 7:15am and during both halves of lunch every day in the IMC.  It is recommended that students take advantage of this free service if they are in need of additional extra help.  Contact the advisor Mr. McGovern at for information.


Mrs. Dhaibar's Schedule -- click here 


Course Information: 



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  • Enter your "class code" from below:
  • Block A Honors Biology:  4ph4dt
  • Block B Regular Biology:  4d6echf
  • Block E Regular Biology:  78ey4s
  • Block F Honors Biology:  yllro3b


 Homework Information for Honors & Regular Biology:


Please note, all homework for Honors & Regular Biology is written on the board daily.  There is also a timeline posted in our classroom on the bulletin board and on iTunesU that indicates dates for homework assignments and upcoming assessments. (The timeline is subject to change; students will be notified of any changes in class.) 


Course Syllabus/Expectations/Grading Policy: 

Students of the Month – December 2017 – Congratulations!!

NameNameCourseTeacherDECEMBER Student is recognized for:
MirnaAl – BanaaSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
GreissyCastilloFirst Aid and CPRMr. NigroHard work and positive contributions
JonathanChasseEmergency Medical TechnicianMs. MacArthurRededication to purpose and participation
ChelseaDaiglePrinciples of ITMr. AshbrookAcademic Achievement
CameronDentonGeometryMs. SiegfriedtOutstanding motivation, perseverance and performance.
MeghanDeVeauEarth ScienceMr. BeckerHard worker, great participation
JannelleDiVincenzoFunctional EnglishMr. McDonoughOutstanding effort, attitude and performance!
JannelleDiVincenzoFunctional EnglishMr. McDonoughCommitment/Attitude/Effort/Excellence
KatieDumartPre-Caluclus HonorsMrs. CallAcademic excellence, consistency in effort and content mastery
YailysFernandezHealth 1Mrs. LaBelleContributions are always positive, Great conversations, enjoy her advice & perspective on life.
PaulineFuchsSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
MalikGiwaGeometryMs. DohertyPersevering through challenging problems and always willing to help other students in the class.
AndrewHarrisonMCJROTCMajor MartinOutstanding Volunteerism
AndrewHarrisonUS History IIMs. MitchellClass participation and motivation
DevinHawleyIntroduction to ProgrammingMr. AshbrookOutstanding Application of Programming
MariahHernandez PonceEnglish 1Ms. ClintonOutstanding increase in work ethic.
BriannaHillSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
AlisonHouseAP StatisticsMrs. GiampaOutstanding test scores, always engage in the classroom
BrendonKane21st Century LiteratureMs. DeOliveiraPositive attitude and participation
EmilyKelleyHonors PhysicsMr. ThompsonEmily has been a consistently strong performer in physics all year.
OlgaLambrianidisEnglish 1 HMs. ClintonConsistently seeking academic excellence.
NicholasLeungAfter School BandMr. TsioropoulosDedication to the HHS Band
AprilManiscalcoSpanish I HonorsMr. SalgadoHard work, focus, and determination
KailaManningInternshipL Hunt & K MoriartyAcquiring the most worksite hours this semester!
TeyshonMcgeeEnglish IMs. AielloTeyshon has rededicated himself this term and is determined to be successful.
MattMcNallyPublic SpeakingMs. DiOrioMatt’s enthusiasm keeps his classmates laughing & he constantly tells engaging & exciting stories.
RunelMejiaItalian 1 Honor (A)Mrs. DiskinExcellent grades!
StevenMoreta RosarioELD BiologyMs. BamfordHard work and persistence
LillyMullaneyPainting IMs. MullaneExcellence in Painting
BrianNguyenAP BiologyMrs. JohnstonClass participation, academic excellence, and humor
CalebNichols21st Century LiteratureMs. DeOliveiraKindness, generosity, and engagement
ErinO’NeilItalian1 Honor (H/I)Mrs. DiskinHer hard work ethics!
ChrisOtero21st Century LiteratureMs. DeOliveiraParticipation and kindness
JalynPearlEnglish 1 HonorsMs. ClintonConsistently exceeding academic and personal expectations.
DaeJonPendleton-MillsPhysical EducationMr. NigroCompetitive attitude
DanielPullinoPrinciples of ITMr. AshbrookAcademic Achievement
AlexaRichardIntroduction to EconomicsMr. MaguireOutstanding preparation and participation in class.
AnthonyRodriguezIntroduction to ProgrammingMr. AshbrookExcellent Application of Programming
MichaelRoyMCJROTCMajor MartinOutstanding Volunteerism
EliamniSantanaELDMs. GrecoExcellent Effort and Behavior
AdrianaSarretteEnglish 1Ms. ClintonShowing great improvement academically and personally.
ConnorSaumsiegleHonors BiologyMs. BamfordBeing an Outstanding Student
AlexisStickneyEnglish 3Mrs NyamwayaGreat classroom engagement and work completion.
RhiannonTaylor21st Century LiteratureMs. DeOliveiraKindness and effort
MargaritaTricocheAddictionsMs. LaBelleHer persistent positive contributions to class.  “Mita” is always willing to help another or lead.

Students of the Month – November 2017 – Congratulations!!

First NameLast NameCourseTeacherStudent is recognized for:
ParsuaAtoofiPre-Calculus HonorsMrs. CallDesires knowledge, strives for excellence
McKaylaBarlowPhotography 1Mrs. PolsonHer positive attitude and dedication to her work.
KameronBrooksmooreStudio DrawingMrs. PolsonCreative vision and growth in the arts.
NickBruneauGeometryMrs. GiampaGreat classwork & participation and helping classmates.
ColbyCandageBiologyMs. MacInnisAlways being engaged in learning and being a role model for his peers.
GreerCandageGeometryMs. DohertyWorking hard and positively contributing to class and group discussions.
JolenaCarrasquilloBasic foundations in artMr. PaszkoSignificantly improved work ethic.
GreissyCastilloItalian 4 HonorMrs. DiskinHer attentiveness and kindness
AshleyCookHealthCare 1Mrs. RastauskasExcellent behavior, focus in class, and outstanding work ethic.
CaseyCowperIntro to CosmetologyMs. CalverleyCompleting all required assignments on time and going above what is expected.
GiulianniCrespoGame DesignMr. SinghExcellent work, full dedication, and quality participation
SavannahCroft – LevinSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
MariaCruzELD II BiologyMs. BamfordExcellent Performance and Role Model to Peers
AthanasiosDimopoulasHealth IMrs. BegleyAlways willing to learn.  Is able to stay focused and contributes positively to the class.
JannelleDiVincenzoFunctional EnglishMr. McDonoughOutstanding performance, attitude and effort
KatieDumartPre-Calculus HonorsMrs. CallHer focus, her academic success and consistently exceeding expectations
DestinieEscalanteDigital DesignMrs. PolsonIncredible creative vision and personal growth in photography.
HannahFlanaganDigital DesignMrs. PolsonOutstanding effort and dedication to the arts and digital design.
KevinFullerJazz Band 

Mr. Tsioropoulos

Dedication to the HHS Band Program
RobertHardyEnglish III HMs. DiOrioRobbie’s constant participation & infectious energy help to encourage his classmates to dig deeper!
 ErinHorganBasic Foundations in ArtMr. PaszkoFor bringing enthusiasm to all her work.
DomingoHoustonGame DesignMr. SinghExcellent work, full dedication, and quality participation
IsabelIngersollItalian 2 HonorMrs. DiskinIsabel is very enthusiastic about learning Italian!
DerekIversenRoboticsMr. SinghExcellent work, dedication, and quality participation.
AlyssaJimenezItalian 1 CPMrs. DiskinAlways being positive and ready to learn!
DavidJohnsonNurses OfficeSchool NursesHe takes an active role in his health
AnnaKouadioInternship ProgramL Hunt and K MoriartyAlways having a positive attitude in the classroom and at the worksite!!
MadelaineKutschkeComputer TechnologyMr. SinghExcellent work, full dedication, and quality participation.
TyLancasterMCJROTCMajor MartinOrganizing the MCJROTC Thanksgiving Day Food Basket Drive.
AlexandraLordItalian 4 HonorMrs. DiskinAlways being prepared!
MeganMcAuliffeMCJROTCMajor MartinOrganizing the MCJROTC Thanksgiving Day Food Basket Drive.
CerysMcCabeBasic Foundations in ArtMrs. PolsonLeadership and dedication to the arts.
CourtneyMcColganPhotography IMrs. PolsonShe has taken on the role of a leader in her class and always displays a positive attitude.
JuliaMcCutcheonHonors BiologyMs. BamfordOutstanding Performance
AlbertoMedinaEnglish 1Ms. ClintonExceeding high expectations in English 1.
RobertoMercadoPhysical EducationMr. TarboxLearning to Swim!
MaxwellMooreGeometryMrs. SchaeferGreat effort this term!
ErikaNewvilleMCJROTCMajor MartinOrganizing the MCJROTC Thanksgiving Day Food Basket Drive.
JosephineNoletHealth IIMrs. BegleyHer positive work ethic and willingness to assist others.
GracePantaloneItalian 2 HonorMrs. DiskinHighest average!
HollyPaolinoItalian 1 HonorMrs. DiskinHer excellence! 100% average
AnnaPapouliSpanish 2 HonorsMs. FrentzelPerformance and excellent behavior
MollyParentEnglish IV HonorsMs. DiOrioMolly strives to do her best in everything & expects the same from her peers, making class exciting!
MayrinPerez ReinosoELD I BiologyMs. BamfordExcellent effort and performance
J. P.PhillipsPhysical EducationMr. NigroHard work and great participation
AnthonyRiveraHealth IMr. TarboxExcellent Effort in Health
SheaRobertsonEnglish 1Ms. ClintonConsistently pushing himself to grow academically.
KeilynnRodriquezBasic Foundations in ArtMr. PaszkoWorking towards excellence in all her work.
MichaelRoyRoboticsMr. SinghExcellent work, full dedication, and quality participation
MegSheehanPre-Calculus HonorsMrs. CallDesires knowledge, strives for excellence
ZackSmithBasic Foundations in ArtMrs. PolsonHis positive attitude and growth in the arts.
MakaylaTaverasGeometryMrs. SchaeferOutstanding effort this term.
JeffreyTherriaultSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student!
SheaVadeboncoeurSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student!
LismariValdezFirst Aid & CPRMr. NigroGreat participation and attention in class
JamesVickCollege Prep BiologyMs. BlausteinExcellent and consistent participation, work ethic and grades.
JaveerWallaceMCJROTCMajor MartinOrganizing the MCJROTC Thanksgiving Day Food Basket Drive.
JamesWhitneyWeightliftingMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Improvement in Weightlifting
JaidaWilkersonStudio DrawingMrs. PolsonHer creative expression and willingness to challenge herself in class.
IsaiahWilliamsEarth Science HonorsMr. BeckerBeing insightful and a hard worker
ErinWynnItalian 1HonorMrs. DiskinErin is always prepared and ready to learn!

Students of the Month – October 2017 – Congratulations!!

CourseTeacherStudent is recognized for:
DanAntonopoulosHealth IMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Class Participation
DarcyBelleroseWorld History IMr. SimmonsLots of effort in studying and great note taking in class.
DanielColon-WaldronHealth IIMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Class Participation
MaKennaCroninPhysical Education IMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Participation
QuintonDamianoWeightliftingMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Participation
BrendanEsdaleEnglish III CPMs. DiOrioBrendan is always ready to share his opinion & asks insightful questions of the teacher & his peers.
MariaGarcia LozanoHealthcare 1 and 2Mrs. RastauskasCheerful demeanor, strong work ethic, patience and kindness to others.
QueavenGreevesGeometryMrs. GiampaExcellent class participation & test scores!
RebeccaHamelWorld History I HonorsMr. SimmonsConsistent eagerness and intelligence in class.
EmilyKellySpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student!
JeremyKuhnCP BiologyKaren BlausteinExcellent class participation and attention to detail.
NinaManziWorld History I HonorsMr. SimmonsPays deep attention in class and makes class discussion flow.
DerekMarczakWeightliftingMr. TarboxExcellent Effort and Participation
RyanMcCartneySpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student!
RobertoMercadoSpanish I HonorsMr. SalgadoEagerness, Class Contribution, and Willingness to take risks.
ClaudiaMinerAP PhysicsMr. ThompsonClaudia has been a consistently high performer in AP Physics all quarter.
ClaudiaMinerAP StatisticsMrs. GiampaExcellent effort & test scores!
CamillaNievesEarth ScienceMr. BeckerExcellent work ethic, super focus.
DestanieNuñezEnglish III CPMs. DiOrioDestanie always participates & puts in strong effort. She motivates other students to do their best.
AlexisO’NeilEnglish 1Ms. ClintonTackling difficult challenges and being a leader in the classroom.
AshleyOquendoMedical TerminologyMrs. RastauskasStudent is motivated, well-organized, and a great speaker.
RachelPullinoHealth IIMr. TarboxExcellent Effort in Class
KatelynQuinlanPre-calculusMrs. GiampaExcellent effort & test scores!
MadisonStevensHHS Internship ProgramMs. Hunt and Ms. MoriartyHer effort and participation during class.
RunelSuero MejiaWorld History IMr. SimmonsBeing quietly studious and openly intelligent.
MellissaToneyInternational Relations HonorsMr. SimmonsAlways looking at the whole picture and bringing all points to the table.
JeremyVillaltaEnglish 1Ms. ClintonExceptional analytical skills
DylanWatersSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student!


Students of the Month – September 2017 – Congratulations!!

NameNameCourseTeacherStudent is recognized for:
AdrianoPerezRoboticMr. SinghExcellent behavior and devotion to classwork
AlyssaCallahan-EvansBasic Foundations in ArtMr. PaszkoExcellence in Art
AndresCastillo PolancoBasic Foundations in ArtMr. PaszkoExcellence in Art
AnnaKouadioSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
AnnaKouadioPhysicsMr. DuranceauGreat attitude, demeanor, and focus on learning
AnthonyPlazaSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
BrightonSmith-LoftonEnglish 3Mrs. NyamwayaEffort and Participation.
Carlos “Carlito”Colon“Vision”Mr. DavidOutstanding Perseverance
ClaireBradyGerman 4Mr. FeldhausTireless enthusiasm for the German language and culture, and the German Club.
ClaudiaMinerPre-Calculus HonorsMrs. CallFocus, academic success
CooperGibbsAP StatisticsMrs. GiampaOutstanding test scores & class participation.
DanielToothakerEnglish 1Ms. ClintonDaniel arrives to class prepared with insightful questions and an excellent mindset to learn.
DatNguyenELD Biology CPMs. BamfordOutstanding Effort and Performance
DomenicCastilloMusic ExplorationMr. TsioropoulosEnthusiasm in Music Exploration!
EdwardMesaPsychologyMrs. JonesOutstanding work in Psychology.
EllalandraArakelowAP BiologyMrs. JohnstonOutstanding effort and participation
ElvisCeballosHealth 1Ms. LaBelleAlways willing to go the extra mile help others out.
EmilyWarcholHealthcare 1Ms. RastauskasExcellent work ethic and leadership.
EmilyDe Mello De OzorioBakeshopMs. GleasonOutstanding Teamwork and Effort
EmilyPrendergastLatin 2HMr. FiorentiniOutstanding Achievement
HaleyFranzenGeometryMs. DohertyConsistently entering class with enthusiasm and always ready to do math.
HannahSeveneMCJROTCMajor Martin/Gunny DanisVolunteering countless hours helping the MCJROTC maintain and update Cadet Records.
IsabellaWhelanChild Psychology IMrs. JonesOutstanding work in Child Psychology I.
IsaiahCordovaSpanishSeñor ElliottAwesome Student
JackSullivanGeometryMrs. GiampaOutstanding effort!
JanelleSokoCP BiologyMs. BlausteinExcellent effort and academic achievement.
JanierySanchezItalian 1 HonorMrs. DiskinHer enthusiasm for learning!
JaredDiBellaMedical Terminology and Human DiseaseMr. RastauskasExcellent work ethic, leadership, and class participation.
JaydenJohnsonEnglish 1Ms. ClintonJayden has become a leader in class. He asks probing questions and pushes his peers to work hard.
JessyHidalgo LopezBasic Foundations in ArtMr. PaszkoExcellence in Art
JonathanSolivanSpanish I H H4461-003Mr. SalgadoStudent is eager to learn and always participates.
LibinsonMartinez RiveraELD Biology IIMs. BamfordExcellent Effort
LuisanaCaraballoUS History IIMrs. JonesOutstanding work in US History II.
LydiaSullivanPhotography IMrs. PolsonInspiring insight and thoughtfulness in class discussions and labs.
MadisonWalshBasic Foundations in ArtMrs. PolsonDedication to the arts and her desire to help and teach others.
MariaCruzPersonal Health and FitnessMr. NigroPositive attitude, helping other students in class
MollyMcCrackenStudio DrawingMrs. PolsonOutstanding persistence and dedication to her work and her unique, creative perspective.
MontserratGarciaEnglish I HonorsMrs. BakerExceeds expectations on every assignment, every day – phenomenal student!
NaidaAlmesticaHealthMrs. BegleyUtilizing her knowledge of learned first aid skills in a real life situation.
NoahJohnsonEnglish III CPMs. DeOliveiraPatience, hard-work, and kindness
PaytonCollinsAP PhysicsMr. ThompsonPayton was the only student to get a 100% on the first test of the year in AP Physics.
RaissaTaabiHonors BiologyMs. BamfordExcellent Effort and Persistence
SarahNoguerasDigital DesignMrs. PolsonOutstanding leadership, patience and helpfulness.
SeanLaniganGeometryMrs. SchaeferGreat effort and work ethic.
StefaniCastroGeometryMrs. MorinDiligence and Excellence in Geometry
TabithaFerreiraEarth ScienceMr. Beckergreat focus, all work completed
TuanNguyenFirst Aid/CPRMr. NigroHelping other students, contributing to class in positive ways
TylerByramJazz BandMr. TsioropoulosGoing above and Beyond in Band
ValentinaRamirez PotosiGeometry HonorsMrs. SchaeferAcademic excellence.
VictoriaMartinBusiness MarketingMr. MaguireHer consistent positive and thoughtful contributions to class discussions and great work ethic.
ZacGuertinHealth 1Ms. LaBelleOutstanding daily contributions
ZoeMartinHonors BiologyMs. FerreiraExcelling in Biology, enthusiasm and being helpful in the classroom.








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