Elementary School-Homework Folders With Clear Overlay

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  • I really needed durable folders for my son. He goes through the paper folders so easily. I couldn't find them anywhere until I did a search on Amazon.com and I found StoreSmart folders and I love, love, love them. I purchased the 6pk to start it was $15, but worth it because they'll last. I checked StoreSmart's website before ordering thinking I could get them cheaper from the manufacturer, but I saved more money on Amazon.com (free shipping). In the 6pk I receive another folder for free (YAY FREE). These folders are really great, the colors are bright and beautiful. I will find other uses for this folder other than my son's school assignments, I love 'em that much. Trust me I know, I must sound like a kook going on about folders, but when you get them you'll see what I mean.

    Peace & Blessings

  • "Handy Dandy Envelopes Saved My Life (or at Least My Mind!)" - By Carrie Liller (The Flying Cat Ranch, FL)
    For the past few years I have been keeping track of my Mother's financial obligations as well as my own and my son's. Although I used to work in the exciting and highly charged world of Wall Street, an accident left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury, so that my memory is not that great anymore. I started using coloured envelopes similar to these when my husband died and having to go through probate in one state and dealing with guardianship issues in another. It is so easy to separate paperwork this way!

    I love these even more because of the Velcro closing button, which is not too large or small-the envelope stays closed, but it's easy to open; the front closure of the envelope, which makes it easy for my fingers to stuff paperwork and envelopes in before I actually go through them; and of course, the brilliant ... full review

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