Cover Letter For Qa Engineer Position

Dear Mr. Oloski

I am the ideal candidate for the QA Engineer position that’s available at Waterfront Tech Resources in London. While this is a bold statement to make I believe that you will soon agree that I will fit in perfectly at your company after reviewing my qualifications on the attached resume.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology along with more than five years experience working in the IT department of a major tech corporation. My capabilities include writing detailed test plans based on project requirements preparing specifications analysing test results and reporting back to the QA Manager and identifying any possible QA issues.

My well-developed communications skills and analytical abilities will allow me to be an effective QA Engineer for your company. I am especially adept at using a bug tracking database implementing cost-effective quality control procedures and conveying any quality issues to the developer in professional tactful manner.

With a proven ability to see beyond the obvious I have a knack for determining scenarios where a bug is likely to be detected to minimise the cost of fixing such glitches. I look forward to applying these skills as your next QA Engineer. Thank you for your time.


Karen Nivens

QA Engineer Cover Letter

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer plays a significant part in the product development process. A QA Engineer has numerous responsibilities among which are create test plans based on product requirements and specifications, identify and report bugs, black box testing, conduct rigorous regression testing, analyze and report on meaningful test results, notify on any problematic issues, liaise with software developers and product managers and monitor quality assurance measurement data such as open defect counts.

After having perused through numerous effective QA Engineer sample cover letters, the following skills and educational qualifications are essential:

  • Experience in software development
  • Working knowledge of QA methodologies and processes
  • Expertise in SQL and scripting
  • Relevant degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Understand product from end-user perspective
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills

A well-written cover letter needs to highlight required skills and abilities. Use the following sample letter for QA Engineer as a guide.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive QA Engineer Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. McKay

I am submitting this application in response to the advertisement for the QA Engineer position at Doncaster Corporation. I am a self-motivated professional passionate about quality control. I bring to this position a hands-on approach in the testing of software systems. I have a solid understanding of QA methodologies used in the industry and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I have three years work-related experience at Five Star Digital. My responsibilities was to develop and oversee software tests to identify errors and bugs, conduct performance and regression testing to determine usability and designed test programs that helped enhance the accuracy of quality control results.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and am certified as an Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer (OCPJP) as well as attended intensive training in VB.Net Desktop and Database. My areas of expertise extend to cover Test Plans and Script Development, Configuration and Troubleshooting and Software Testing and Debugging.

Some of my achievements gained during my work history include the following:

  • After showing initiative in my role as junior QA tester I was promoted after just three months in recognition for developing effective test scripts and for accurately and speedily discovering defects.
  • I identified and reported on a deeply hidden software error in a new version of a software product before it’s launched, providing my employer with $250K savings in product-replacement costs.
  • I contributed to the improved standardization and best practices processes of QA testing saving the company time and money.

I wish to serve as a value-add member of the QA team at Doncaster Corporation. I believe my qualifications and experience stands as proof of my capabilities. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for considering my application and I hope my resume generates enough interest to invite me to meet with you personally.


Paul Chamberlain


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