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The premise of Neil Gaiman's novel is founded on the notion that the gods whose belief systems came to America with immigrant peoples have lived in some human form in America of centuries. As such, Gaiman is tasked with the duty of creating a human character that represents something essential about each god. Write an essay on the personification of the intangible, focusing on three belief systems:

Part 1) Czernobog and his three daughters are a Russian family living in Chicago. What belief system do these four characters represent? What duties do they perform, and how are these duties manifest in a modern America? As modern characters, how have the traditional duties of these gods adapted to a new era?

Part 2) Mr. Nancy is clearly intended to represent the African god Anansi. Describe Mr. Nancy, both his physical appearance and the occupation he has in modern America...

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The coming of Europeans in the late 15th century distorted their way of living as the Europeans tried to interfere with their way of living through missionary work and land grabbing, which led to numerous conflicts with the Indian Americans, as they prefer being called (Ryan 125).

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The Red Shoe by Ursula Dubosarsky and Stardust Novels by Neil Gaiman

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

According to the paper the novel, “American Gods” focuses on the paradoxes and juxtaposition of the older Gods with newer. Older Gods, according to Gaiman in America have come holding the hands of myriad immigrants across the world; some of them have become myth and some could accommodate them well in the folklores of America.

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