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Essay about dance class reflection

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Dance Class Reflection
Over the course of the semester, I have learned about different types of dances including hip hop, dance hall, and contemporary, Bhangra, street jazz, Latin, zumba and more. In the beginning, I believed that I danced well and dance was easy to do but once I figured out how much effort, practice, coordination, and preparation for a dance, I thought differently. Dance is all about expressing your emotions by using your body, having fun, gaining strength in my muscles and developing a balance not only for dance purposes but for my inner self. I learned that dance is more complex than I believe. There were elements I should consider in my movements like posture, timing, poise, musicality and expression, presentation,…show more content…

I really loved doing group dances because it got a chance for me to understand my classmates a lot more. For the flash mob, I really felt like we finally connected and worked together as a group because I believed the Bhangra show was disastrous because no one was working together, everyone skipped classes, they didn’t take it seriously but in the flash mob, everyone worked together to practice the dancing, put our full ability into the movement and we successfully entertained our crowd.
I’d like to focus a lot more on dancing instead of warm-ups and workouts. Although dancing requires a lot of working out, I believe that our ISU should have focused on dancing as it is a dance class. I thought the ISU was going to be choreographing your own dance or learning a dance on YouTube and performing the dance to the class where we can be critiqued on dance criteria. When I found out that we’re doing a warm-up for a big portion of the dance ISU, I felt disappointed because I really wanted to show my dancing creativity and culture to the class that they haven’t seen. I found that since we were limited to equipment like, getting hooked up to the internet to watch dance videos, we were unable to really extend our knowledge in dance which was unfortunate.
I believed I did pretty well over the course. I didn’t want to slack in the course to be honest. I felt like I was influenced by other classmates and I guess I should have stopped it

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Ever since I was a little girl dance has always been an important part of my life. When I was five, my mom enrolled me in dancing classes after my sister, never realizing that dancing would ever lead to anything serious. For the first year, dancing was a side hobby to help keep me busy after school. Even though dancing was really fun to me, it did not become serious until my dance teacher looked me in my eyes and said “Lexus you have a big and lovable heart and I want you to dance with that heart of yours because I know that you have what it takes to become a great dancer.” That moment I knew that dance was going to always be a passion of mine. Over the years dance has helped me to grow in other ways. From it I have learned that hard work really does pay off. I learned that discipline and self-control are not only a vital part of dancing, but a necessary part of life. Also, I have recognized that motivation and perseverance are keys to success.

What matters is not who wins in the beginning, but who is still on her feet in the end. Perhaps the most important lesson dance has taught is responsibility. Kaleidoscope has helped me in a lot of areas; even though I am small and tiny, I am very athletic, strong and I have a high self-esteem that anything is possible as long as you put your heart to it. I am encouraged now more than ever to try my best in class even if I look stupid because practice makes perfect. Becoming a Kaleidoscope officer hasn’t been a dream of mine till this year. Last year I thought I didn’t have what it took to become one, but this year, seeing how much you encouraged me to become a better dancer, it encouraged me to become a better person. When I tried out for Kaleidoscope, I wasn’t expecting to make it because I wasn’t in a dance class and I didn’t know Mrs. Karl personally at all. One day after school my friend told me to try out with her because she was scared to try out by herself. When I walked into the dance room I would have never thought I would be staying in that dance room.

When I tried out, I took it as if god was giving me a chance to dance again and to fulfill a dream of mine. The term leader is someone who is in an advanced position to take the initiative in order to go forth and show the way but also to be able to make intelligent and creative decisions quickly and efficiently. Dance teams are all about unity. An exceptional dance group glides across the floor with all of its dancers moving as one. There are no individual standouts. No weak links. But there is one person whose job is to make the team as strong as possible, on the floor and off. It’s one thing to be a good team player, but it’s another to be a good leader. Few will have the opportunity to feel the weight of the responsibilities and the happiness of knowing you are making a difference. Becoming a leader of any type of organization in my eyes is a huge job.

It’s teaching respect by showing respect. It’s helping the other dancers, including myself, to strive and push themselves to be the best dancers I know we all can be. Having the title of being a Kaleidoscope Officer doesn’t mean being the boss of everyone, being in front of every dance, or just thinking that the Officer should come before everyone else. Officers are the inspiration of the team. They’re the person that everyone looks up to. Being a natural born leader is also a big role of a dance team. That means having self-confidence, good communication skills, courage, clear desire to make progress towards a goal, and a fair degree of understanding your fellow teammates. Being a leader requires focus on the big picture, doing what’s best for your team even on your worst days. If you’re negative, the team will take on the same attitude, even if everyone else has had a great day. As Officer of your dance team, I’ll definitely encounter some sticky situations, like have to confront one of my teammates when they aren’t practicing full-out or not trying they’re hardest.


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