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this is an essay i had to write for my music class. it has to be five paragraphs. the teacher said he will check for run ons/grammar

I went to the MDC Jazz Band & Jubilation Dance Ensemble. The conductor was Matt Bonelli and the dance coordinator was Michelle Grant Murray. The concert was held in the McCarthy Auditorium Room 6120 on Tuesday, October 28 2008. The concert started at 7:30 pm and ended at 8:40 pm. There were 5 jazz performances, and 4 dance performances happening mostly simultaneously.

The first piece Wind Blues had a very harsh sound, hard to listen to. It was very loud. There were four girls dancing in the front. The trumpet part sounded the best. It had a metered rhythm, it became faster toward the end. The composer stood during the performance. The 2nd work Archa was very easy to hear. It had a slow tempo at the beginning, metered, crescendo at certain points. It mostly stayed at the same volume. The horn & trumpet had solos at the front. It was longer than the first piece.

The 3rd work was mostly a dance, with the piano playing. It had crescendo in the beginning, harsh sound, unmetered. The harmony was polyphonic. The piano player and trumpet player begin playing at the end. The 4th work was called Three More Foxes. This piece was very easy to hear. It was metered, highly syncopated. The composer stood in the front. The harmony was polyphonic. It had a fast tempo. It had accents at different levels, not an easy tune to hum to. It will suddenly get louder. The end is the loudest, towards the end becoming dissonance.

The 5th work was called Snakes. The bassist was an Anglo Saxophone player. The piece was metered, loud. It had an easy theme to recognize. It became gradually louder. It had a conjunct rhythm. The last piece was Groovin Hard. It had a harsh sound, forte. It begins with forte dynamics to crescendo. It was metered with a conjunct background. The piece was polyphonic. It had a mezzo background then crescendo, then back to subito forte, then back to mezzo.

I really liked the trumpet and trombomes solos the two performers played. I liked how they mixed in the dance with the jazz playing. The dancing was very original. I would go to another jazz concert. It was better than I expected.

On Wednesday May 8th I attended a steel band concert for the first time. Experiencing new music is something that I like to do, so when it was assigned to attend a concert I was pretty excited. When I attended the concert I was greeted with many surprises. Overall attending Erie Community College’s steel band concert was a great entertaining eye opening experience.

Before attending the steel band concert I was not sure what to expect. When I heard the words “steel band” I thought of a band with tubas and trumpets, not of a band with Caribbean type steel drums. As soon as the band members started to play I was shocked, in a good way. I was expecting boring music not Caribbean type music that wanted to make dance. My favorite song the band played was a song by Steve Butters called “Don’t look back”. The Steve Butters song was my favorite because it was so surprising hearing that type of music played by a band here at E.C.C.. The music really reminded me of Caribbean type music because of the sound of the steel drums, it made me feel happy as if I was on a vacation. Not being exposed to this type of music made the experience so much better because it was something new and foreign.

All in all the steel band concert was an entertaining and eye opening experience. In the future I would definitely like to attend another steel band concert. The vibe of the concert was a great one making it a cool place to be.


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